The 3-Minute Brand Audit

3 Minute Brand Audit Thumbnail
By // Tori Thomas

First impressions matter. It’s why some of us wear make-up, get hair cuts (or don’t), and buy designer clothes. For a business — it’s no different. Instead of make-up, it’s seen in the logo, heard in the name, and felt through their website (among other things).

What is your business’ first impression?

How is your business seen, heard and understood? We developed this 3-minute survey to give you a fresh look so you can analyze your first impression.

At Circa, our goal is to help our clients grow. We work on the presentation, or the brand, of a business or organization. We want a customer’s first impression to become a lasting impression giving our clients a broader reach so that they can create a bigger impact.

Branding & Strategic Design

Branding is one of the best, lowest costing investments. While it can encompass the typical design services like Circa’s offerings of logo design, website development or print collateral, it can also be as simple as a greeting, or a quote on your office wall. You don’t need to hire a studio to build your brand, you are already building it, through every encounter with your customers, through inner office chatter, your brand is how your business is seen, heard and understood.

Why should I care?

Twenty years ago, a local dry cleaner did not need to think about their logo. They could run a successful business doing what they do best: dry-cleaning clothes. Now, digital media has opened the door to a broader audience and to more competition. That same dry cleaner might be overlooked due to a newer dry cleaner who spent effort creating a fresh look that gives their audience confidence in their business and their ethics. Or, maybe they just leave a more memorable impression.

Digital media like Google maps, facebook, and yelp mean that a business’ presentation is important for engaging and attracting customers. The good news is that a small budget used creatively can have the same (or more) impact than a million-dollar budget lost to high mark-ups and ineffective marketing. The downside is that competition for attention is steep. Information bombards everyone morning to night. This influx of messages forces us to jump to conclusions. In seconds, we decide if something is worth our time. Which brings us back to the first point: first impressions matter.

What’s next?

  1. Analyze your business’ first impression through this three minute survey.
  2. Do a 360 review by sending it to a customer and a friend using this link.
  3. Listen to the feedback and start adjusting your brand today.
  4. Contact Circa for a free consultation and estimate.