Story Conference 2018

Story Conference




What is your definition of Wonder? Is it the uncertainty in the belief of the supernatural? Or the mechanics of a body capable of birthing another human? Is it something small like the creation of thousands of bubbles from one 0.6 oz plastic tube? Or is it enchanting like the 7 Wonders of the World?


In Nashville, we discovered our sense of wonder at the 2018 Story Conference. Usually, most conference adrenaline fades after the first couple weeks. Two months later, we’re still reeling from the enigmatic words by the likes of Harris the Third, who created snow in late summer and time-traveled us back to our childhood; Kevin Carroll who shared the magic behind an empty bottle, and why kids are far superior because of their unlimited belief; Yoko Sen who elicited tears from the entire crowd through the power of sound; Brad Montague, a fan favorite, who reminded us what it means to be excited for tomorrow; and so much more.


To be wonder-full means to never settle for what you think you already know. Always challenge the possibilities, and believe in the impossible.

The definition of wonder is something that causes a feeling of amazement or admiration, something beautiful or wonderful. For Circa, a common thread of wonder is nature.


What makes you wonder?

Portrait of Laura Deleot - creative director & co-founder
“An unknown path to discover within a forest of trees.”
Laura Deleot
Portrait of Emily Little - senior designer
“Solo quiet time in large outdoor spaces.”
Emily Little
Portrait of Melody Tang - designer
“The endless sky and the everchanging clouds.”
Melody Tang
Portrait of Duncan Underhill - Designer
“My fiancee is a constant source of wonder for me.”
Duncan Underhill
Portrait of Varina Willse - content strategist
Varina Willse
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