Building An A+ Asset Library

Imagine you’re in the middle of your usual hustle—work, meetings, customers, whatever ‘busy’ looks like for you, that’s where you are.

Then you get a phone call. Out of nowhere, a local company wants to promote your business, and the opportunity is perfect. They need some basic stuff by end of day: a logo for their sponsorship brochure, a headshot or photo, a statement about your business, that sort of thing.

Fast forward several hours. You sent your logo in the morning, but your new promo partner needs something ‘print ready,’ and whatever that is, yours isn’t. You’re sifting through old emails because you’re somewhat sure you sent a decent blurb about your business to somebody at some point. Now you’re cursing your past self for not giving the email a subject line that said “elevator pitch,” and you’re left questioning the very nature of your existence.


Have we just written your biography? Well, it’s not too late to make some edits. We’ve prepared the following checklist of asset essentials to always have on hand that will make your marketing efforts quick and easy.

A+ Asset Library Checklist

Circa Logo Circle


☐ Working file (AI or EPS)

☐ Print JPEG (CMYK 500 px wide at 300 dpi)

☐ Web JPEG (RGB 500 px wide at 72 ppi)

☐ Web PNG (RGB 500 px wide at 72 ppi)


Team Headshots


☐ Team headshots

☐ Business exterior / interior

☐ Popular products / services

☐ Lifestyle photos

Circa Marketing

Basic Promo

Something universal that can be used often

☐ Small – postcard size (half sheet or 4×6 in.)

☐ Large – one-page flyer (standard 8.5×11 in.)

Brand Messaging

Quick brand messaging that’s ready to recite

☐ Tagline (one sentence or less)

☐ Mission / vision

☐ Short script (100 words or less)

☐ Long script (500 words or less)

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