Meet our Spring Fellow, Christine

Christine Kozuch

Alumni School: Liberty University
Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Leesburg, GA

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Personality Type: The Defender

What makes her excited about working with Circa: I am excited to be able to learn more about working with an agency and in an environment where learning is encouraged. Being able to bridge what I had learned in school with real world clients and projects is something I have been looking forward to for a long time.

Abby Haughie

Attended: Grand Valley State University
Major:  Visual Studies

Hometown: Brighton, MI

Game of Thrones House: Stark

Personality Type: The Protagonist (ENFJ-A)

Enneagram: Enthusiast-7

What makes her excited about working with Circa: I’m extremely excited to work closely with a group of very creative people who encourage personal development, and growth.

Circa Design Fellowships


We offer fellowships for students and recent graduates seeking experience in design. We accept applicants based on availability and attitude. Our only requirement is a willingness to learn. We believe design is a multi-disciplined arena and seek diverse applicants who can learn from our process while incorporating their discipline.

How to Apply