Meet Staci | Senior Designer

Portrait of Staci Gibson - Senior Designer

Staci Gibson

Alumni School: Western Michigan University

Major: Sculpture

Hometown: Goodrich, Michigan


Describe yourself in 5 adjectives: Loud. Passionate. Thoughtful. Hard-Working. Lazy.


What has brought you to Circa?: I want to focus on smaller clients for awhile. Refocus my portfolio and learn from Tori about running a design biz.


Does pineapple belong on pizza?: Absolutely. Every time. All the times. 


Describe your dream vacation: I spent too long thinking about this, only to decide that I just want to be in the sun and eating exciting food that someone else cooked.


Tell us a bit about your past work and education experience: My formal education focused on sculpture, and I love storytelling and animation, so my creative interests all seem to grow from those areas. Professionally, I come from an advertising background, and I like to think about customer journeys, communication strategies, and all that connected consumer stuff.


What is your ultimate food combination, i.e. Pizza Tacos, Spaghetti Nachos?: I like to stir a lot of things into mashed potatoes, and I call it ‘Staci Classic Bowls.’


How has design impacted your life?: It’s omnipresent. Everything I see, make, do happens through a design, advertising, marketing lens.  In a more practical sense, design work has afforded my home, my life, all my grown-up stuff.


What is your favorite thing to do in the design field?: Finding a brand’s curious strength and aligning all the moving parts to that shred of truth. I love moving parts and pieces. I also always love when a digital project warrants using a glue gun.


How has having a baby impacted your creative life?: Having historically, specifically not wanted ever to be a parent, I struggled at first with what my new identity as a *cough* ‘mom’ meant. I haven’t figured out how to make time for creative pursuits, so that’s a thing. But, I also stress less about existential things now, and my kid is a great source of inspiration!  


Why call Kalamazoo home?: The community here is amazing. Small town love with more and more big city fun every day.

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