Meet our New Senior Designer, Derek

Derek Brouwer

Personality Type: INTP

Enneagram Number: 3

Zodiac: Taurus


Describe yourself in 5 adjectives
Curious, Creative…
I don’t know, this is hard. I asked my wife and she said:
Innovative, Creative, Clever, Curious, Kind..
Is that cheating?


What brought you to Circa?
I found out about Circa from Staci Gibson and Todd Dehaan – who I used to work with. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a career change, but after a conversation or two with Tori, I knew Circa would be a good fit. And now I’m here!


Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Pineapple should never be hot.


Describe your dream vacation:
Disney World. Enough said.


Tell us a bit about your past work and education experience:
I studied graphic design at Ferris State University, where I first discovered web design and all things digital. From there I got a job at an advertising agency in Kalamazoo, where I worked on a variety of established brands such as Unilever, Kellogg’s, Ford and Bell’s Brewery.


What do you think is better together?
Well, I love sprinkles. So I’ll say Ice Cream and Sprinkles.


What is your favorite thing to do in the design field?:
I really enjoy the early parts of the design process. Brainstorming, strategizing etc. It’s a lot of pressure because the quality of work you do early on can determine how successful a project is – but it’s also a lot of fun!


How has having a baby impacted your creative life?:
I’m sure it will more and more over time but for now I haven’t noticed it impacting my creative as much as I would have thought. I always try to be intentional about making time for art and design in my life and that hasn’t changed yet. Although, I do think having a baby has made me look at advertising a little differently.


What do you love most about Kalamazoo?
This is cliche but I love everything about Kalamazoo! I live just outside of Grand Rapids and work in Kalamazoo so I love getting to experience the best of both. The food in Kzoo is amazing too!