Meet Sonya | Interim Art Director

Portrait of Sonya Watson - Interim Art Director

Sonya Watson

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw!

Personality Type: Mediator – INFP-T

Enneagram Number: Type 4: Individualist

Zodiac: Pisces


Strengths: Perceptive, Intuitive, and Empathetic

Weaknesses: Self-criticism, overworking


Alumni School:
Appalachian State University undergraduate
Savannah College of Art and Design graduate


Hometown: Greenville, SC


Describe yourself in 5 adjectives: Kind, thoughtful, discriminating, intuitive


What brought you to Circa: My good friend Tori Cameron


Does pineapple belong on pizza? Absolutely not. It confuses me.


Describe your dream vacation: Italy or Paris, in an apartment, for a month. Wandering and discovering and eating and drinking at romantic pace.


Tell us a bit about your past work and education experience:

Education: I started design education right from the start. Was scared to be a fine artist because I was worried I couldn’t come up with much original material. But sometimes I feel I missed my calling.


Work: First job out of SCAD was at a small design firm in Nashville, called Barnes & Co. I was “baptized by fire” and jumped right into doing music and book packaging, as well as corporate design, and later stationary and gift products. Second job was an in-house designer at The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center on the Vanderbilt Campus. I learned an incredible amount about the First Amendment and the news. Was honored to work with John Seigenthaler, who rode with Robert Kennedy on the Freedom Rides.


What do you think is better together. Wine and cheese. Oh! And cheese and wine.


How has design impacted your life: It has been what has consumed me for the past 25 years of my life.


What is your favorite thing to do in the design field? Typography and page and publication layout. And now branding.