Meet Our New Design Director, Todd!


Todd de Haan

Alumni School: Western Michigan University

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI


Describe yourself in 5 adjectives: Experienced. Compassionate. Curious. Aware. Conscientious.


What has brought you to Circa?: A chance introduction at the Farmers Market in early July, followed by 2-½ months of wonderful conversation.


Does pineapple belong on pizza?: No, thank you.


Describe your dream vacation: Remote island, sun, and sand, a hammock hanging in the shade catching the warm tropical breeze.


Tell us a bit about your past work and education experience: After graduating from Western Michigan University with a BFA in graphic design, I worked as a freelancer, an in-house designer and maintained a number of art director and creative director positions with small, medium and large marketing and advertising agencies serving multiple industries within the B2B and B2C spaces.


Any advice for young designers or creatives?: Make mistakes.


What are your interests outside of design?: Yardening/gardening, deck sitting, long two-lane highway drives, golf


Your Instagram features abstract photos from your daily life. Was there any inspiration or motive behind this work?: Trying to see things from a different perspective and appreciating and being aware of the differences that surround us.


While we’re on the topic of you Instagram, what inspired your handle @kzoorooster?: I live in Kalamazoo and de Haan is Dutch for rooster. BAM!  


Describe your experience as an adjunct professor at WMU: As an alum, I’m honored and humbled each time I’m asked to teach a class. It’s been an incredible and inspirational experience watching the next generation of designers grow and become more confident as they navigate their collegiate experience. And I hope in some small way I’ve helped nurture a bit of that growth.  


Why call Kalamazoo home?: Moved back to Kalamazoo a couple years after graduating from WMU and have never really considering leaving since. It has been a great place to raise a family. Strong community. Lifelong friends. Food, entertainment, culture. It’s here.