Park(ing) Day & Past Perspectives

Upside Down white car with greenery sprouting up inside a dark grey circle. Copy beneath in dark grey on black: Park(ing) Day Downtown Nashville
By // Tori Thomas

A sustainable message endures, retaining its relevance and impact over time. At Circa Design, we believe that fresh air is a catalyst for this kind of lasting creative. So join us this PARK(ing) Day 2016, as we get outside together and breathe truth into our collective tomorrows.

stack of PARK(ing) Day 2016 postcards fanned out featuring the Nashville Skyline at sunset on the front.

Perspectives from the Past

We’re inviting the community to make a moment last a year by writing a postcard at our park(ing) spot on Friday, September 16th that will be mailed exactly one year from that date. Stop for a moment and write thank you to yourself, give hope to an acquaintance, draw a new world for an old friend and receive it in a year.

Join Us

Circa Design Park(ing) Spot
Friday, September 16
10am – 3pm

Find us on Broadway in front of Robert’s Western World

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